“The ladies in the office were used to DOS and had never run a Windows program. We have all found this system very easy to comprehend, less time consuming and it has made things go a lot smoother. I wouldn’t trade US Livestock Systems for any other system.”

Emmy Falb,

Auction, LLC
​​“U.S. Livestock Systems has been a huge plus to our business.  It is affordable and the support is absolutely super!  Anytime we need help, we can easily reach them and they are quick to solve any problem that arises.  We love it.”

Sharelle Williams,
North Arkansas
Livestock Auction, LLC

"It has made things 
go a lot smoother."
"A huge plus to
our business."
 “One way this system has specifically benefited my barn is with time. It is a lot faster than our previous system and at the end of the sale we can close up quickly and efficiently. Support has been excellent and the system is very easy to learn.”

“Because US Livestock Systems is so quick and simple, we have saved a lot on labor. Anybody can use this system; you don’t have to be a computer genius. If you’re considering switching programs you should be confident in US Livestock. I have been totally satisfied and wish we had switched sooner. “

“Training new employees on this system has been very easy and we have them up to speed in no time. With sales 5 days a week, we needed a system we could depend on and we definitely made the right choice."

Web Livestock Exchange, LLC

"System is very easy to learn on."

Nancy Schrock, Midwest Exchange Regional Stockyards

​Wish we had switched sooner."

Stacey Owens,              Euclid Stockyards

"We definitely made the right choice."

Beaver River    Livestock Auction

"Very convenient online support."

Judy Daniels, Cattlemen's Livestock Auction

"No other program even comes close."

Debbi Shannon, Douglas County Livestock

"A great Windows system that is very user friendly."

Abigail Watson, Barnesville Livestock, LLC

"The technical support we have experienced has is top notch."

“The price is very economical and a major plus is the very convenient online support. Anytime I may have a problem, even in the middle of a sale, US Livestock Systems can come online, get on my system and either fix the problem or walk me through it.”

“I have worked with 3 other livestock auction systems and US Livestock is by far the best. With the ease of the system plus the great support, no other program even comes close. I can’t say enough good about it.”

"Over the years, I have been involved with several different Livestock Auction Programs and I believe that U.S. Livestock Systems has provided us with a great Windows system that is very user friendly. Along with that, the technical support has always been fast, friendly and ready to help us through any situation."

​"When we purchased our sale barn we needed a system that was affordable and offered great support. U.S. Livestock was the only choice for us. The technical support that we have experienced is top notch. U.S. Livestock listened to our needs and worked on devising programs that met them.”