U.S. Livestock Systems has a wide variety of excellent products and services that can be customized to match your barn’s specific needs. From the Complete Office Program, Ring Clerking, Check-in and Custodial Balancing to the 24/7 Telephone and Remote Access Support, U.S. Livestock Systems has it all. With a user- friendly, quick and efficient system that has all the benefits of an all Windows program, you are sure to love all that U.S. Livestock has to offer.

​We wanted our system to be an all windows program because of its versatility and functionality. It uses the most current hardware and is not hardware specific. With Windows you can have multiple screens open as well as access to the Internet. Windows is the most widespread operating program and people know how to manipulate in windows. And with a high number of turnover rates for sale barn employees,  having a well-known program is a good thing. A windows system is the easiest and quickest system to learn on.

Below are a few featured programs. To see more info on these and other programs, click the Products tab and the top of the page for a drop down list.

• Email buyer's invoices directly from your workstation using Microsoft Outlook

•Buyer trades are as simple as just a few clicks of the mouse

•Quickly view sales dating back to the day you got started with our system

•Ability to add liens from the office

•Add, edit or select seller of animals from master address list

•Liens can be put on a seller anytime that seller's record is brought up

•Check livestock in by slip or tag (single tags or group tags)

•Ability to put in description of animals

•Add trucking, vet, feed or misc charges


​•Split screen so you can keep work ahead while auctioneer is finishing up previous group

•Edit last ticket or any previous ticket that was saved

•Put a hold on check from the block

•Buyers can buy on numbers, names or both

•Resale or re-run an animal or group of animals off of a previous transaction

•Combine multiple drafts or split animals off of a draft quickly  

•Quick register of sellers through office program

•Select sellers by name or lot number

•Free form area so any description or item can be typed in

•Repeat key for those items you sell several of

•Last five sales show on bottom of clerk screen for easy view
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