Livestock Auction Software

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• Experience the least amount of stress on a high-stress sale day with a fast, and user friendly system

• With so many of the office personnel only being part time at barns we created a program that is easy for anybody to run, you don’t have to be a computer genius

• Cut down on labor costs- several barns have realized with the system they do not need as many personnel

• Sellers receive their check quickly and are happily on their way

• No long lines of wait time, buyers settle up quick

• Organized, efficient system that diminishes human error

• Information is easy to view and understand for those watching the sale

When building our system, US Livestock Systems was sure to keep you; the owner, in mind. We tried to think of the simplest, quickest, most efficient ways to help you run your barn with the least amount of stress.

Here are some things we know barn owners want for their business:

Happy customers, respect, to be a service to your local community, least amount of stress, to increase your bottom line…let us show you how you can achieve all that and more with US Livestock Systems, Inc.

How Will This Software Benefit My Barn?

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